Machine Enclosures / Claddings / Guards

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Machine Enclosures, Claddings, Guards. We are repairer and provide AMC(Annual Maintenance Contract) Services, Repairing Services for our products and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

GUJAR ENGIFAB INDIA PVT. LTD. Machine Enclosures are particularly used in CNC / VMC / HMC / SPM large machines, and can be manufactured in accordance to the size specifications detailed for diverse equipment / machines. Our enclosures are very effective in protecting machine parts from all kinds of damage. Moreover, these are available at extremely cost-effective prices.

In the earlier days of mass production and rigid manufacturing processes, considerations like aesthetics, cleanliness, operator safety and machine guards were hardly given any importance beyond a certain statutory level of requirements.

With the advancement in cutting tools, increased cutting speeds and feeds, use of stand- alone, dedicated coolant re-circulation system and use of flood coolant for disposal of chips using conveyors, the 'Machine Guard', 'Machine cladding' or 'Machine Enclosure' started playing an important role in the operation of machines

With more and more machine tool manufacturers displaying their machines in various machine tools exhibitions; domestic as well as worldwide; a lot of effort is being made by machine manufacturers so as to enhance the aesthetics of the machine, to make it operator-friendly (ergonomically built), to make it competitive in price and compact in size and of course, to make it leak-proof; confining the coolant and chips within the machine system; thus safeguarding the painted floors of the modern machine shops.

The machine designer is always overloaded with issues related to speed, cycle time, vibrations and chatter, Process - Capability (Cp, Cpk), Process - performance (Pp, Ppk), etc. The machine designer always considers the task of designing a machine guard as time - consuming.

The manufacturing process of sheet metal parts is different than that of machining parts. The quantity and customer- specific variations do not justify the use of pressed parts or other Mass Scale production Techniques in the manufacturing of machine guards. This is where THE Machine Guard Designer like GUJAR INDUSTRIES. proves advantageous!